Patrick T. DeCoste (Tim)

Patrick T. DeCoste:  The Arborist Inc. was started by this employee.  Patrick has deep love for the tree industry.  He has been a certified arborist since 1998.  December 2010 he achieved board certified status. His advice has helped transform countless properties.  His skills in pruning are among the best in the area.  He has conviction about his trade.  Currently he is The Arborist Inc.’s only certified arborist.

The Arborist Inc. has been developed by Tim to reflect his standards. Use of the correct tools and performing work in the correct way are guiding principles. In the completion of tasks, perfection from the trees point of view is a priority as well. Customers are the key to our success in business. Without satisfied customers, there is little chance to survive as a business.

The father of 2 volunteers with the Nokesville Volunteer Fire Department as a firefighter and EMT.

Cell 703-930-8324 Feel free to send a text.
Office 703-753-0273
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