These rates are presented as a basis for writing estimates. Generally, a qualified person would make a determination about how long a job will take. We generally do not work by the hour. This is to avoid any discussion about the length of a time it takes to do a job or how long it took to get there and get started. The work is proposed for a price. We have never changed the price on a job unless the manager feels that the assesment of the estimator was grossly over (should have cost less). During high work load (after major storms or for emergency service on a weekend or holiday) you can expect that the rate will be increased by 50% to cover the overtime that is paid to our staff. High work load periods are generally brief (less than 1 week). If you do not have an emergency, it is best to wait a few days to obtain better pricing.


Item Description Price
insurance Please understand this is a contract between the homeowner and The Arborist Inc.  It is your obligation and not your insurance company to pay for services rendered.  Your insurance company may reimburse you.  Payment is due to The Arborist Inc. at the ... 0.00
Bush hog Mowing with 72" heavy duty rotary cutter.  Includes transportation of equipment. 92.00
Climbing Arial labor. 93.00
Climbing:cable Install bracing cable in tree - materials cost for single cable (steel or nylon). 92.00
Crew - heavy with crew of 4 and normal equipment. 395.00
Crew - light with crew of 2 and normal equipment. 250.00
Crew - norm with crew of 3 and normal equipment. 315.00
Disposal Materials disposal cost for.. 90.00
Disposal:Chip disp. Transportation costs for disposal. 90.00
Disposal:Grinding disp Transportation of grindings 90.00
Disposal:log sale Sale of millable logs 0.00
Disposal:Trash Transportation for removal of trash 90.00
Disposal:Wood disp. Transportation of wood. 90.00
Estimate 0.00
Estimate:DCE Charge for estimate SE & NE. 25.00
Estimate:DCW Charge for estimate SW & NW. 20.00
Estimate:MDN Charge for estimate N of RT 50. 15.00
Estimate:MDS Charge for estimate S of RT 50.. 15.00
Estimate:VAE Charge for estimate VA inside beltway. 13.00
Estimate:VAW Charge for estimate VA outside beltway. 11.00
Fencing Installation of plastic orange fencing.  Price includes staking at not more than 10', materials, signage and removal upon completion. 4.25
ground Ground labor for cleanup, moving byproducts, miscelaneous labor 85.00
Landscaping 0.00
Landscaping:planting labor and materials to plant:   ..PLEASE NOTE:  Plant material that is installed is healthy at the time of planting.  The plant material is warranted against failures due to disease, improper planting, and natural mechanical failure for a period of 2 y... TBD
Landscaping:yard repair Labor to repair turf after stump grinding and/or tree work 85.00
Limited consult Diagnosis of issues - does not include treatment.


Root Pruning Standard root pruning to include trenching, pruning and backfilling with soil,roots II and mulch where needed. 14.00
Small Stumps Stump grinding labor with small machine.  Price includes grinding of main stump to 6" below grade.  Grinding more deeply will cost additional.  Price does not include removal of stump grindings, surface roots or leveling of raised area of stump unless ... 150.00
spraying Spraying of pesticides. 100.00
spraying:Fertilization Application of fertilizer :  ..Concentration :..Quantity : 96.00
spraying:Fertilization:Vertical Mulc 105.00
spraying:Pesticide Target pest :..chemical :..Quantity : 100.00
spraying:Pesticide:Injection Target species:  ..dbh:  ..Target pest:  ..Chemical:  ..Units: 100.00
spraying:Pesticide:Injection:Alamo Materials charge for Alamo. 9.70
spraying:Pesticide:Injection:Aliette Materials charge for Aliette. 6.46
spraying:Pesticide:Injection:Dendrex Materials charges for Dendrex.  .. 4.44
spraying:Pesticide:Injection:Harpoon Materials charge for Harpoon. 3.92
spraying:Pesticide:Injection:OTC Materials charge for OTC. 7.60
spraying:Pesticide:Injection:Systrex Materials charge for Systrex. 6.04
spraying:Pesticide:Injection:Vivid II Materials charge for Vivid II 5.72
Testing Any analytical service resulting in report. 94.00
Testing:Arborist Provide technical expertise.  Charges are to include time spent traveling to and from the job or site. 125.00
Testing:consult Diagnosis of plant disease. 47.00
Testing:Core Sample Taking core sample. 7.00
Testing:Soil Test Soil analysis 94.00
Testing:Soil Test:Results Samples taken:  ..pH:  ..Nitrate N:  ..Phosphorus:  ..Potassium:  ..Aluminum:  ..Ammonia Nitrogen:  ..Calcium:  ..Chlorides:  ..Ferric iron:  ..Magnesium:  ..Manganese:  ..Nitrite N:  ..Sulfates: 0.00
Tilling Tilling of gardens, flower beds, ect. 85.00
Travel Labor to and from job, including transportation. 107.00
trucking Transportation of materials. 90.00
Materials 0.00
Materials:Hardwood firewood - 1/2 cord 1/2 cord of hardwood firewood including splitting and delivery. 160.00
Materials:Hardwood firewood - cord Cord of hardwood firewood including splitting and delivery. 240.00
Materials:plants Purchase and delivery: 0.00
Materials:soft hardwood - 1 cord Cord of soft hardwoods - delivery included. 190.00
Materials:soft hardwoods - 1/2 1/2 cord of soft hardwoods - delivery included. 120.00
Gratuity Extra payment to staff. 0.00
Fin Chg Finance Charges on Overdue Balance 18.0%
discounts 0.00