The Arborist Inc. was established in 1997 to provide quality tree service at a reasonable price. The company was founded by Patrick DeCoste (Tim). Tim had a degree in biology and many years of experience in residential and commercial tree care. Among local companies it was apparent that there was a general lack of skill and arboreal knowledge in the industry coupled with a general lack of integrity . During the early part of 1997, the concept for The Arborist Inc. was put together. This firm has been developed with it's slogan in mind. Over the years the quality issue has remained at the focus for all that we do. We strive to provide our clients with the best possible advise and service.

Our market has significant issues in this area. One of the principal problems is pricing. It is a rare thing to have more than 2 estimates that fall within a reasonable range of each other (meaning within 10%). This is due to many things which need to be addressed industry wide. The first thing we do is to determine the amount of time that it is going to take to perform your work in the most professional manner possible. Once this is determined, the proposal is merely multiplication. Many local companies are using a "day rate" to come up with a price. A day can be 6 to 12 working hours, therefore that method of pricing is very inaccurate. If one performs a less than thorough job, one can reduce the price. We have always refused to do this and always will. Pressuring a foreman to do a job rapidly can lead to accidents and unhappy customers - not worth it!

Skill level also has a high degree of variability as well. The actual staff that does the cutting and pruning can range from the very uneducated and untrained to highly educated and frequently trained. Our staff falls in the latter category. When you use our firm, you are paying for a competitive benefits package for them, weekly training sessions for our staff, maintained and modern equipment. While costly, these things retain employees along with keeping skills current. We have several long term employees working for our company.

Safety is the most critical thing that we have to maintain. Sometimes it takes a little longer to do a job in a safe manner. We will NEVER take a job on for a discount rate and then proceed to do something that is unsafe. Our employees deserve to get the job done without unnecessarily endangering themselves or your property.

The Arborist Inc. is a relatively small firm. Our work backlog and scheduling are a source of frustration for both the management and, on occasion, our customers. Please understand that there are many circumstances that are out of our hands. The two biggest factors being weather and traffic. When weather is an issue, the schedule can be frustrating. Generally speaking, we reserve Friday as a "float" day. We may have to reschedule a job to Friday or complete a job. Due to traffic and family obligations, we get a fairly late start on our day. We are always applying our best efforts to complete our jobs and serve our clients. Unless there is a storm event, tree emergency or undue backlog (more than 3 weeks), we do not work on the weekend.