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We are very familiar with our work. If you would like to provide photos and the job is not very complex, we may be able to quote the work without a visit to your property (saves money). Be sure to include a frame of reference in your photos. Diameter of main stem measured at a height of 4 feet is required information (Measure around the tree with a tape measure and divide by 3.14). Of course, objects in the vicinity need to be identified.

Please take a look around our site to see if our information can be of assistance to you. Specifically - our work.

Below you may find a situation similar to yours. Complete job cost given for the operation. Removal includes grinding of the stump and disposal of all materials except stump grindings (use as mulch for beds). Pruning includes thorough cleanup and disposal of material. Click on the photo to see an enlarged picture; Click on the gallery to see additional pictures; click on the estimate to see the actual job estimate. Our estimates are always given with line items. This helps us arrive at an accurate work estimate. One of the more important aspects of a written estimate is that things that are not in writing are not included. Hourly rates for all customers: Please note. Traveling to your job in one direction from our facility will be counted in hourly total for the job. These are examples of actual customer jobs. 

Emergency Service. Please call our office directly 703-753-0273 to make your request. The phones are answered 24 hours a day and the messages are sent to a pager that is always carried by an on duty person. We can generally be anywhere in our service area in less than 1 hour if needed. During storm events, evaluate your needs (how urgent) and give as detailed a description as possible - it helps on what and who to bring into service. Due to the nature of emergency response, we are unable to give an estimate over the phone other than to direct you to the rate sheet. We will respond to your emergency but we will need security of payment.

Common situations
Photo of Bradford Pear that was removed

This tree was removed due to inevitable failure at the base of the tree. The cracks extended from where the majority of the branches were attached to the ground. The price was for removal, cleanup and stump grinding. In our policy, wood > 3" in diameter is not removed. When we price bradford pears and smaller trees, we generally include disposal of the wood. Pricing for the removal of bradford pears is based on the amount of material that needs to be handled and disposed of rather than technical skill. If a lead has split and is laying on the ground, the price will be the same. The only factor that would increase the price is if a broken portion is on something of value and thus would require additional time to remove without causing further damage.  Estimate Gallery

These estimates are provided for our potential clients. If your situation is identical, you should expect the price to be identical to the estimates given. Please understand that the time that is placed on a job is dependant on many variables and we may evaluate your situation to be different than the one in our samples.