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Bradford Pear removal

Bradford pear removal that was deemed urgent. The tree had developed splits that were extending down the trunk toward the ground. The removal was scheduled for the following day because the failure was imminent and there were things that could be damaged when it fell. Once the splitting process has begun, we always will advise removal. If you have a tree with a similar arrangement of branches and it has not yet begun to split, maintenance is advised. We can change the branch structure of a tree to eliminate included bark over a long period of time. It is best to address the problem when the tree is very young (training of a young tree).

  • The red box is around the area that was the problem
  • If you take an overall look at the crown you can see the extra light between major sections of the tree
Overall trunk
  • The lower trunk cracks are a little difficult to see but the photo shows a common arrangement of branches on a Bradford pear
  • Multiple branches arrising from the same location on the main stem is the fundamental problem with Bradfords
    • This is caused by a cut that was made by a nursery when the tree was being cultivated to provide a "bushier" plant for re-sale
RS Bradford split
  • A closeup of one of the three splits
Split leads after cutting
  • The orange box is around the area where the problem began
    • Known as an included bark region
  • The darker wood just beneath the included bark is an older split - the tree had begun to fail several months prior to the call from the home owner
  • The blue arrow shows the split about 20" below where it began
Stump view