The following is on the reverse of all Proposals that are printed from The Arborist Inc. If the proposal is printed from an email, please be aware that these are our contract terms.

PAYMENT TERMS: Unless noted in the contract, payment is due upon completion of services. In the event that payment is not made upon completion, an invoice will be produced. Terms are net 30. A late fee of 1.5% will be assesed at 30 days from completion date. Interest will be charged at a rate of 1.5% per month thereafter. Legal and collection fees shall be the responsibility of the customer in the event the invoice is not paid within 90 days.


SPECIFICATIONS: Cleanup will include raking and sweeping where necessary in order to leave the property as it was found. Sawdust and fine debris particles will enevitably be left. Dents and holes from tree operations will be brought to grade; any reseeding will be the responsibility of the customer unless noted in the contract. The following is a brief description of the terms used in the contract:

Removal – The tree will be cut to within a few inches of the ground. Wood >3" will not be removed unless noted in the contract. Removal includes disposal of all brush and debris, and cleanup.

Pruning – Pruning will include removal of diseased, damaged, weak or dead branches, and poorly developed attachments, when feasable.

Elevate – Pruning of lower branches of a tree or trees. Given with a height specification.

Clear – To remove branches to a certain distance from a structure. Given with a distance specification.

Thin – To remove branches in the crown to allow for lessened wind resistance. Given with a percentage to remove.

Reduce – To remove select longest branches from a tree, known as drop crotching. Given with a target distance, e.g., 5’.

Deadwood – To remove dead limbs from a tree. Given with a diameter >.

Cable – To install support cable in weak branch unions. Unless otherwise specified, poly cable will be used.

NOTE: Current research suggests that pruning of live tissue should be limited to 20%. Unless directed by the client, this will be followed.

DISPOSAL: Unless noted in the contract, the wood from the tree care operations will be stacked in close proximity to the work. There will be additional labor charges to move the wood. Additionally, the byproduct of stump grinding will be replaced where the stump was removed. There will be additional charges for removal of wood or stump grindings from the premises. Price generally includes disposal of limb chip.

STUMP GRINDING: Prior to grinding of any stump, the utility companies must be notified and the utilities marked. This will be done by The Arborist Inc. If there is an underground utility within 24" of the stump, the stump cannot be ground down and must be removed by hand at an additional charge. Normal grinding will remove the stump to 6" below grade. The main buttress roots will also be ground to 6" below grade – these are the large roots that originate from the stump and do not go underground immediately. Surface roots and deep grinding are additional. Please be aware that it will be the responsibility of the owner to locate underground sprinkler systems. The customer will be responsible for any damages to an unmarked sprinkler system.

SNOW REMOVAL: Snow will be removed to nearly the surface It is recommended that snow removal be prearranged so that areas where snow will be piled are known. In the event that those areas are not prearranged, the company will make a best guess. There will be additional charges if it becomes necessary to move pilled snow. It is recommended that plowed surfaces be sanded or chemically treated to improve safety. Sand and chemical will be used sparingly. Removal will commence at 2" accumulation. Unless otherwise specified removal will commence within 4 hours of a 2" accumulation.

FERTILIZATION: It is a general policy not to apply fertilizer without a soil analysis. If fertilization is performed at the request of a customer who declined a soil test, the liability of the application will be that of the owner. The customer will be responsible for locating underground sprinkler lines; The customer will be responsible for any damages to an unmarked sprinkler system.

PESTICIDE APPLICATION: The Arborist Inc is a licensed pesticide business in Virginia. Property must remain posted after application until date on post is reached. Pesticides, even when properly applied, do not completely eradicate pests. There will be additional charges for re-application. The effect of the pesticide shall be explained to the customer.

CONTROL: Absolute control of site shall be maintained while the tree care operations are in progress. Expect limited access to the work zone. The methods for accomplishing the work are to be completely left to the crew’s foreman.

UNFINISHED WORK: Occasionally, it is necessary to return to a job at another time. The customer has the right to expect that the area is left completely safe. Depending on circumstances, it may be necessary to leave materials on the job. In such an event, it would be appereciated if the area was undisturbed.

WEATHER: Due to increased hazards, wet conditions may delay or postpone work. Scheduled work may not comence if precipitation is forecast. If there are prolonged periods of rain (1+ days) or severe weather, scheduled work may be rescheduled.

SCHEDULING: The Arborist Inc. schedules work on a first come, first serve basis. The exceptions are for emergency calls. Emergency response will possibly cause rescheduling. Work load is variable, and the customer should inqire about backlog. No work will be scheduled unless the contract has been signed and returned. Severe weather may cause schedule changes. Snow and wet weather causes increased difficulties in cleanup. If work must be done on snow covered ground, the customer should expect some debris to be left in snow.

PRICING: The Arborist Inc. guarantees that the prices given in the contract will not fluctuate. There is a time basis for pricing, however jobs are unit priced. There will be no price change because of actual field times. Additional work may be priced by the foreman. Time and material jobs will be charged portal to portal and for materials. Prices are valid for 60 days from date of proposal.

DAMAGES: The Arborist Inc carries liability coverage. We reserve the right to pay for damages that may arise from the tree care operation. Damage to finished surfaces will be repaired. Intrinsic value only will be considered in making repairs.

EMBEDDED OBJECTS: In the event that unseen concrete or metal is encoutered with a saw, there will be a small charge for the replacement of the chain. Generally, the danger of this is in the final cuts at ground level. We try to avoid cutting close to grade for this reason. Please do not ask to have a stump cut lower unless you are willing to take the risk.

LOCAL RULES: It shall be the responsibility of the homeowner to make certain that the proposed work will be performed within the rules governing their home owners association and local laws.

PROPERY: It shall be the customer’s responsibility to make certain that the work is being performed on their property. It is not unusual to need to have access to a neighbors property. It would be appreciated if the customer would assist in such matters.

CANCELLATION: There will be a cancellation fee of 10% if work is cancelled less than 10 days prior the scheduled start date.

BINDING: The proposal will become a work contract once the signed copy is returned to The Arborist Inc.

SATISFACTION: The Arborist Inc will do what is reasonable to obtain customer satisfaction. Communication is key to not having problems. Please ask questions to either the arborist or the foreman to clarify your concerns prior to the work commencing.

LIABILITY: The Arborist Inc. does not assume liability for third party injury from open and obvious hazzards. The company is covered for direct liability of its employees.

The Arborist Inc. is a quality oriented company. Safety, training and education are among the top priorities. It is our goal to develop a relationship with our clients. Please feel free to ask questions regarding the above terms.