Our operation has many safety aspects.  First and foremost there is weekly training for the many aspects of this industry.  Our employees are certified in both first aid and CPR.  We purchase the best available personal protective equipment and provide it to our employees.  Our equipment is maintained and modern with all the safety features functioning.  We would love teach as well.  Links are to a summary of the content of the topic. Contact us about providing a power point presentation on any of the topics listed below.  The powerpoint presentations listed are presented in context of a safety meeting with a presenter that is knowledgeable.  These are intended to be used as training aids for our employees. 


Training schedule

Photo gallery of training

First Aid/CPR

Arbormaster training

Cutting Practices

 Job Organization


Moving/loading Wood

Chipper Safety

Aerial Safety

Equipment Inspection and Care 1

Equipment Inspection and Care ll

Hydrolic Safety

Tractor Safety





Risk Management

General Physics

Chain Saw Safety





Vehicle Safety

Company Policy


Personal Care

Rigging I - The Equipment

Rigging II - Knots, Forces, Mechanical advantage

Rigging III - Applications

The LZ