White pines (Pinus strobus)

Hershey's kisses
  • It's cute :)
  • These border trees are lining about a 5 acre site
  • This application of white pines will require at least 2 maintenance prunings per year
  • It will likely require some pesticide application
  • It is very difficult to change the shape once the shearing has begun
  • Can become unmanageable if unattended for more than a year
Old sheared pine
  • This customer has us come and manage the top growth on an annual basis
  • Tree is being maintained at a height of 20 feet
  • We would advise that if you intend to maintain a sheared white pine, you start with a height that you can comfortably reach
Ugly elevation
  • Not pretty
  • After 20 years, this screen was elevated due to either declining lower branches or the desire to have enough light underneath to grow the lawn
  • Another problem with white pines as a screen, is that it is a unit. If there is the death of one tree, the remaining trees will not re-sprout branches to fill in the gap.
  • Generally the crowding will take its toll eventually.
  • Removal and replacement of this type of screen is costly.
3 as 1
  • Three that have grown as one.
  • We shaped these to help improve the appearance
  • Every 3 years we have to shape them to prevent them from becoming "leggy"
  • If there was a loss of any of these, the group would likely need to be removed.
  • A maintained row
  • 3 year maintenance interval
  • Even with maintenance, the bottom thins
  • Has to be performed with an aerial device
  • This tree is about 4 feet in diameter
  • Has pretty frequent pick up of 3 to 4" limbs that have broken
  • Has some structural concerns - there are several upright leads that are prone to failure.
  • We have installed several support cables and thinned the crown to reduce of this type of failure.