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What follows is a few letters that we have received over the years from our customers. One of our goals is to build a relationship with our clients. Our principle advertising is referral. If you would like a recently completed job reference, drop us a note or give us a call. For privacy concerns the names have been deleted.

letter 1
  • We have done a couple of jobs for this customer since we received this letter in 2004
  • We regularly drop chips at their property to assist in moisture control for their extensive landscape
Letter 4
  • Another customer that we have built a relationship with
  • We have been to her home on several occasions
Letter 2
  • There were a few parts to this job including a couple of trees to prune and a couple to remove
  • In this particular neighborhood, we have many clients
Letter 3
  • We had done one job for this customer previously
  • We have been to this house on numerous occasions since
Letter 5
  • Another customer that we have developed a great relationship with
  • We were referred by her son, who helps us maintain our equipment
  • We have worked at 2 residences over the last 6 years
Letter 6
  • Job completed in late 2006
  • This letter was written to the consumer magazine where he found us - names omitted due to the policy of the magazine