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I came accross this consumer's nightmare when doing a emergency clearing of his driveway on which a neighbor's tree had fallen (my client). Late in the day a company was on the prowl looking for work. Spotting his 3 dead trees, they stopped in. The original price for the work was $3500. The customer could not afford to have the work done. Being a salesman, the company negotiated the price down to $1500. When a sales representative does this, they are removing services from what they are planning, often times without letting the customer know. Because it was late in the day, the company began working immediately. Very rapidly they put the trees on the ground. Once the light was dissapearing they said they would be back the following day and requested payment. The man paid them half realizing that they hadn't finished the job. When they didn't show up the following day, the man placed many calls to the company with no response. I believe that it was 2 months after the job was commenced that these photos were taken.

Oops removal photo 1
  • The arrow pointing to the evergreen is what remains of 5 -6 mature hemlocks that were a screen between the houses
  • Immediately behind the stump is what may appear to be a stump is actually a 6' log driven 2 feet into the ground - twice
  • The maroon arrow is pointing at the 30' 20" diameter log that was left on the neighbor's property
Oops removal photo 2
  • The tree in the above photo was suspended in this white oak that was about 15 feet away
  • As near as I could tell, the entire tree was suspended on a 1/2" tree rope
    • This exceeds the working capacity of the rope by nearly 1200%
    • Rope can heat up to well over its melting point in a short distance (1") when no friction reducing devices are used
    • The customer's house is roughly 40 feet away from this operation
  • The tree that was removed was dead due to hypoxylon canker - a fungal pathogen that rapidly kills trees
    • This pathogen is spread by spores that are all over the outside of the tree
    • The wounds that were created on the white oak will likely lead to its death as well
  • This method of removing a tree is very dangerous and NEVER worth the risk