Tree removal

Below are a few trees that we have removed over the years. Included are before and after photos and some comments on the job including the causes for removal.

  • Tree removed because of damage to vehicles from nut litter
  • No crane used - damage to driveways is very common when cranes are used. We generally DO NOT use cranes
  • Maintaining the existing vegetation is extremely important - already losing a feature of the landscape
  • Tree was removed because it was declining
  • Stump was also removed
  • Typical removal operation
  • Mulberry was removed due to proximity to the house.
  • Wind was acually causing the tree to bump into the corner of the house
  • difficulty with this type of removal is removing the wood that is below the roof line
  • This customer had 2 trees in a similar situation. The other tree had had a deck put on around it.
  • These 5 trees in a cluster were removed because the customer was concerned about wind damage.
  • The trees were growing in a tree well and had begun to exceed the area of the well.
  • Very large trees that took 2 days to complete.
  • Second photo was at the end of the first day